What is Let's Drink?

Throw away those old complicated drinking games and cut to the chase! Let’s Drink! was created to be fun, exciting, and most importantly, EASY! Just Draw, Drink, Repeat.


What is the age range?


How many players can play?

We advised 4 or more. 6-8 seems to make a pretty fun game. 

How do I play Let's Drink!?

The rules are simple. Check them out here!

Where can I buy Let's Drink!?

You can buy the game right here.

Are the cards waterproof?

The cards are UV coated, which will protect the cards from spills in the short term. However, if the cards lay in a spill, the cards may absorb through the sides of the cards.

Does pineapple belong on pizza?

We are not here to start a war.

How many cards are in the deck?


Can I sell Let's Drink! in my store?

Click this link, and we will see what we can work out!

What is the best cure for a hangover?

4 strips of bacon, a banana, 2 Tylenol, Pedialyte and a nap.

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