How to Play

How To Play

Let’s Drink! is a simple card game fueled by people ready to have a good time. Grab some friends or force some randos to be your friends, grab the deck and start drawing.  To play the game, you only have to know three rules.

  1. Draw a card - It’s easy, just pick the thing up and read it.
  2. Do what the card says - Perform the action on the card.
  3. Have fun -  You’ll (very quickly) get to know everyone way too well.

Point blank, the game was made to easily get the party started or keep it alive. The game is fast-paced – so be prepared and know your limits!

So Who's the Winner?

The winner? That’s a ridiculous statement because with Let’s Drink!, everyone wins. The real winners are those who escape social media stardom the next morning. There’s always that one person, you know who you are.